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What are thread veins?

Thread veins, also known as spider veins, are tiny prominent veins just below the skin surface and are very common – affecting around 80% of adults – occurring anywhere on the body but most often on the legs and face.  These tiny veins are blood vessels in the superficial layer of skin which have broken and become visible.  They do not typically pose any cause for concern, although they can sometimes feel hot and itchy, and due to their appearance procedures to remove thread veins are largely for cosmetic purposes only.


Microsclerotherapy is the most common/effective treatment for thread veins and involves using a very fine needle to inject a chemical into the vein, causing it to seal itself shut and fade.  This procedure is done without anaesthetic using VeinLite, and with appointments taking 45 minutes or less allows patients to return to their normal activities immediately.  Sometimes veins may need more than one treatment and these are spaced out over four to six weeks to allow the original treatment time to work.  Microslerotherapy for thread veins is very effective with very few side effects.

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